LG 47LV5500

Smart TV technology is here and there is no other LED HDTV that can display it better than the LG 47LV5500. The 47LV5500 from LG offers a revolutionary way where you can access the best of the Web, unlimited videos, customizable applications and an unlimited assortment of movies. Using Smart TV technology, LG has made it simple and has organized everything in a very easy to use interface that gives you access to all of your media on a single screen.

LG 47LV5500

LG 47LV5500


The LG 47LV5500 sports a 47-inch 1080p LED screen (46.9-inch diagonal) that will provide you with picture quality unlike any other set in its class. The LV5500 offers TruMotion 120Hz refresh rates that presents you with crisp picture quality in movies and sharp detailed sports action. LED technology allows your set to have an ultra slim profile while delivering amazing color detail, brightness, and contrasts that will need to be seen to be appreciated.


The LG 47LV5500 uses the same cabinet materials that has always worked for LG. The unit is packaged in a tough and resilient outer case that is finished to a lustrous shiny outer shell. As with most LG LED, panels they offer the standard mounted base that allows you to swivel 20 degrees right/left. If you are planning to mount your new LED panel on the wall, this model is fitted with the VESA compatible mounting system on the back.


Setup is a no problem when you are working with the Magic Motion Remote provided with your LG 47LV5500. Set up for digital TV as well as analog is just one or two clicks and you are done. For online content, the LV5500 is WiFi ready with a wireless adapter that allows your set to communicate with features like NetCast or any other entertainment package through your Internet connection, providing you with unlimited programming without the use of cables or plug-ins.


The picture quality of your LV5500 is simply amazing due to the 1920X1080p resolution coupled with a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. This set also includes the Intelligent Sensor which optimizes your picture quality regardless of the environment and does it automatically. Through your HDMI inputs your LED screen will produce HD content of 1080p/ 1080i/720p maximizing your picture quality with amazing color, unrivaled clarity and sharpness.

We were anxious to test out the LG LV5500 with our Blu-ray movie The Dark Knight. We couldn’t wait to see the spectacular central action piece in the Batpod chase when the stunt driving, visual effects and stellar camera work built up the tension and excitement for the ongoing conflict between the Dark Knight and the Joker. The Dark Knight looks fantastic and the stunning photography with 2.4:1 ratio detail is amazing. You can almost feel every crease on the Knight-suit. The heavy grease paint on the Joker’s face is so vivid that you have to suppress the urge to smooth out a smear in his heavy caked makeup.

Hold on tight because when the movie changes over to the IMAX rendition your jaw will drop and you may eject from your Lazyboy. The screen is filled with sharp color and the perspective of the objects is so incredible they seem to pop right out at you.


The LG 47LV5500 offers Infinity Surround that takes control of the 1-way, 2 speaker system mounted in the cabinet giving you a simulated Surround Sound experience. The sound system also incorporates the Clear Voice II technology as well as the auto volume leveler, and five different sound modes which include Sports, Game, Cinema, Music, and Standard.

Listening to The Dark Knight recorded in Dolby True HD 5.1 Surround Sound is guaranteed to please your ears as much as the visuals work to steal the show. This is first-rate audio and a music score that pounds away while the LV5500 surround speakers take it all on, immersing you in the sound track as well as the story line. This movie was made to please the big-screen/big-sound movie fans and the LG 47LV5500 does it justice.


Coming down to earth from the incredible experience watching The Dark Knight, we turned to the environmental point in our review checklist. The LV5500 is Energy Star Qualified meaning this unit has met all the strict requirements for energy efficiency set up by the guidelines of the US Environmental Protection Agency. While in active mode or standby mode, the LV5500 uses 30 percent less energy than any standard unit, which adds up to some serious savings if you watch HDTV even just a few hours each day.


With the excellent picture quality and sound that the LV5500 provides, we can’t get away without talking about the other impressive features that are included such as digital and analog TV together in one unit, as well as premium services that are available like Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook. If this is not enough you’re also complemented with TV applications such as gaming and online shopping experiences that can all be customized to your specifications as you need them.


LG engineers wanted to make sure that you have enough connections for the different types of equipment you may have and those inputs include RF In, AV In, Component Video In x 2, HDMI x 4, USB 2.0, Optical, RGB, PC Audio Out, LAN, Wireless Control.


If you are in the market for a Smart TV experience, the LG 47LV5500 offers you exactly that. With LED picture quality, Infinity Sound, and unlimited content options through the web, cable, or satellite TV, the LV5500 provides a smart choice. Smart TV technology takes advantage of all available content from many different options making the 47LV5500 an option that cannot be overlooked. Be sure to have plenty of Blu-ray movies on hand and start your entertainment action with the spectacular listening, viewing and storyline offered by The Dark Knight. You’ll only wish you brought home the LG 47LV5500 sooner.

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