LG 60PZ550

Have you listened to your friends rave about 3D movies and the amazing effects 3D movies like Avatar bring to the screen and to an amazed audience? Now you can bring that same thrilling 3D effect into your home with the LG 60PZ550 3D Plasma HDTV. Plasma technology has come a long way and this latest generation meets the toughest criteria in performance and durability.

LG 60PZ550

LG 60PZ550


The LG 60PZ550 provides full HD 1080p Active 3D picture with a Dual XD engine, 600Hz sub-field drive, and is 3D-ready. The 60 inch plasma (diagonal) is the preferred technology to deliver “in-your-face” 3D picture. LG, while not the oldest player in the HDTV market, is always surprising us with its advanced technologies making our movie and TV viewing exceptional. A good example is the integration of two of LG’s premium XD Engines for superior picture quality for any type of video content, whether you are watching in 2D or 3D. These two XD processors are attributed to the high color accuracy and realistic imagery.

Worth noting, too, is the fact that the LG 60PZ550 is wireless-ready so you can access NetCast and any media stored on DLNA compliant devices on your network.


If you are replacing a monster projection TV system or that Samsung wide-screen TV that weighs almost as much as a small car, then you’ll be tickled with the lightweight and slim design of the LG 60PZ550. The TruSlim Frame looks fantastic in any room. Since the LG 60PZ550 HDTV is only an inch wide so you can fit it on any desktop, dresser or entertainment cabinet. Yes, you read that correctly, the front-to-back depth is only 1 inch. The cat will just have to find a new place to keep warm, because she won’t be able to lay across the top of the PZ550.

The TV is shipped with a pedestal stand unattached which is easy enough to assemble using the hardware LG supplies. Once assembled, the screen will swivel 20 degrees right or left. You may need some help lifting it up onto the table top as it weighs 93 lbs with the stand.

You can also mount the HDTV to the wall without the stand, but be sure to purchase the optional wall mounting bracket.

Actual user review:
“First I just want to say WOW. The picture after you tweak it using the wizard and a little fine tuning is amazing. It is a very clean image with great color and contrast. Really one of the finest images available in the price range. I scored this with 2 pairs of the ag-s250 glasses for 1389 so really a great deal. As for the 3d itself as I’m sure many are interested; the depth provided by the television is spectacular. It isn’t quite so much images coming out of the screen (it happens a bit), as it is creating the illusion of space inside the set itself exceptionally well. I’ve noticed minimal ghosting so far, don’t know if it is due to the media, television, glasses or a combination. Another feature I enjoy is the 2d to 3d conversion, it works fairly well, especially with computer animation or magnified high definition such as nature documentaries. I would not put the 2d conversion up with true 3d media but it does portray some illusion of depth you wouldn’t have without it. Overall I am very impressed with this television, plasma has come quite a long way even in the last 5 years. I would highly recommend it. “ – GS (USA)


Believe it or not, the older you get, the more you want less—that is to say, less complicated installations. Just unbox the device and plug it into the wall. The LG 60PZ550 is a reasonably simple setup. Once you get past that little assembly exercise of connecting the stand to the screen, its a few easy steps to connect the PZ550 to the world. LG invented Intelligent Sensor for those of us who are technically challenged. Just let the LG 60PZ550 configure itself.

Intelligent Sensor automatically changes the lighting and color conditions to be optimal for the lighting situation in the room. Most plasma TV sensors only sense brightness of the room’s ambient light. The PZ550’s Intelligent Sensor uses 4,096 steps to evaluate the surroundings in order to create the best settings for brightness, contrast, color and sharpness. Thank goodness it does it automatically, because who has time to go through 4096 steps!

The LG 60PZ550 has built-in HDTV (ATSC) and Digital Cable (QAM) tuners. What this means to you is that you don’t need a separate box to receive and decode over-the-air HDTV/SDTV or unencrypted Digital Cable signals. Once again, you have to love the “Easy Button” installation.


If you want movie and game entertainment so lifelike you’ll feel like the characters are going to reach out and touch you, then rejoice because you are going to love the LG 60PZ550 2D/3D HDTV. The crystal clear picture and sharp, vibrant colors makes real-life objects look drab in comparison. If you are a sports fan, but have grown weary of streaky action or unclear plays during the game stay tuned to your PZ550. You’ll enjoy streak-free sports action, fast action recordings and video games in full HD like never before. The technologies producing the great action and color are the LG’s dual XD exclusive engines and the 600Hz refresh rate which virtually eliminates motion blur.

The LG 60PZ550 provides you with full HD 1080p resolution which is exactly why you wanted to have a HDTV in the first place. The pixel resolution is nearly doubled with full HD1080p giving your superior picture quality over standard HDTVs. Since we are on the topic of plasma, this plasma HDTV’s Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 3,000,000:1 provides stunning colors and the deepest of deep black. You gamers will really notice how the details of your picture doesn’t get lost in the shadows. LCD screens are making advancements, but for your dollar, plasma always looks better.

When you are at your favorite electronics store make sure to ask the salesperson to demonstrate the LG 60PZ550 with a Blu-ray 3D movie. Watching Disney’s new animated 3D feature, “Tangled” was a surprising delight and a really a good choice for a first-time 3D viewing. In 2D, the movie effects and imagery were absolutely stunning. However, when viewed in 3D using the 3D viewing glasses the colors were even more bright and vibrant. The lantern scene was absolutely mesmerizing. Definitely get the 3D Blu-ray version to enjoy with your family.


Once you hear the sound track from Disney’s “Tangle” you will be hooked for life. “I Have a Dream” sounds absolutely great on the PZ550’s Infinite Sound system that delivers immersive surround sound with just two speakers.

If you have a home theater system, you should know that the LG 60PZ550 has Audio Return Channel. Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a feature introduced in HDMI 1.4. What it allows, if both your home theater receiver and HDTV have HDMI 1.4, is to transfer audio from the TV back to a home theater receiver so you can listen to the audio through the home theater audio instead of the TV’s speakers. Of course, this tidbit of information is meaningless to those without a home theater system. If you don’t have a home theater system, you should know that the 60PZ550 audio is nearly as impressive as is the imagery offered through the HDTV.


Although the HDTV is packed with power electronics, the LG 60PZ550 is an ENERGY STAR certified device. That means you are guaranteed to save on energy while watching your favorite 3D and 2D movies. ENERGY STAR certified TVs use about 30% less energy than standard units. Also, the way the Intelligent Sensor works while optimizing your picture, the result is a more pleasing picture with power savings up to 50%. Go Green with HDTV in 3D!

Additional Features

This LG 60PZ550 plasma HDTV can display 3D video when received from a 3D compatible device. In most electronics, a 3D video contains two pictures. One frame formatted for one eye and the other for the other eye. These two frames create the special 3D video when viewed using 3D glasses. LG’s 3D glasses are an optional add-on (the 689S250) accessory. Of course, the delivery mechanism for 3D images may be a Blu-ray player, XBOX3 or PlayStation3 gaming station, or 3D video player device. These glasses communicate transparently with the PZ550 built-in wireless emitter.

The HDTV is wireless-ready and since it is an LG product, the PZ550 is packaged with NetCast and you can use your broadband connection to receive streaming video from Netflix, watch the latest tornado weather forecast or listen to your favorite tunes from Pandora. The unit is also PC compatible with a 15-pin D-Sub (RGB) input that allows you to use it as a high-resolution computer monitor. This input consists of a stereo mini-jack and an analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack, too.


There are four HDMI input ports to connect your DVD, Blu-ray player, HDTV or satellite receiver with an HDMI output connector. The HDMI 1/2/3 inputs can also be used to connect a device with a DVI output (a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable is necessary). If a DVI-equipped device is used, a separate audio cable will also be needed. Audio cables aren’t required for HDMI-equipped devices. If you have a video camcorder, then you’ll appreciate that the HDMI jacks accept 1080p (60/24Hz),1080i, 720p, and 480p video signals. If you want to create a full digital network, you need digital devices, but if the devices aren’t compatible, you won’t get much of a network. When shopping for digital components, be sure to look for DLNA certified devices. DLNA specifications require this compatibility. The LG 60PZ550 supports DLNA Certified devices so that all work together.


Even though the economy has us all holding to our money with a tight-fisted grip, you should consider upgrading your old display with a new HDTV and give the LG 60PZ550 a good hard look. Check out a few more reviews on the website and see how other brands are standing up under the scrutiny of reviewers. For optimal 3D viewing experience, you’ll need to purchase the 3D glasses, but you should be able to get the package for well under $1,500. If you’re ready to bring the breathtaking wonder of 3D HDTV into your home, the LG 60PZ550 adds an entirely new dimension to create a jaw-dropping experience.

Average User Rating:
Actual User Reviews:
This TV is thin and fairly lightweight. Beautifully done. If you do the great comparison that Amazon has towards the bottom of the product page, you’ll see this TV is stacked up against the big 2 – PZ950 and PZ750 – whats missing from the 550? THX ; TruBlack Filter; SmartTV; Magic Motion Remote. Don’t really see why I would pay a premium for those features. All else is equal.

So, yes, would I recommend? ABSOLUTELY. What don’t I like about it? Nothing, I love it; however, something that might irritate people is the very reflective surface. It’s like a mirror; however, properly positioned, it eliminates my the irritant factor. I’ve had it with lights on and off and it’s beautiful. Really, I am not using this TV to it’s true potential with all the stuff on it. I don’t use sound (it’s connected to an HDMI receiver), I don’t tune with it, I have 2 cables going to it: power and HDMI. I don’t even use the internet portion. I use it as a HUGE monitor for all the stuff I do (U-Verse, Wii, PS3, Bluray) … and now 3D.” – M. Murphy “No Bling” (McDonough, GA United States)

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We bought this set along with a new LG Blu-Ray player and 3D glasses and we got it all set up, it was very fast and easy, and headed down to get a couple of 3D movies.

Now, I am a big fan of the 3D quality of movies, but I do not need the effects to come out and poke me in the face. I also enjoy the depth that comes from a good 3D effect. This TV delivered on both, while watching Alice in Wonderland and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. There was a little ghosting in Alice, but it was not too much more than I saw when I watched it in the theatre, and very little if any ghosting in Cloudy.

The glasses (this TV takes the new ones, I believe it is the 250) were easy to work with, lightweight and effective. They did lose sync a few times each movie.

I liked the many HDMI inputs and the USB ports. The TV has wireless capability, but you DO need to buy the dongle (and isn’t that a weird word.)

We moved up from a Panasonic 50 inch plasma bought about 5 years ago which has a grey frame. The slim black frame on this TV was a DRAMATIC improvement.

We have the TV in a room with a LOT of light, and I was concerned because I heard that they are like a mirror, and there is definitely some reflection issues, but honestly, not much more than my old Panasonic. We were still able to watch a 3D movie in full light and not miss much of anything.

So, I have only had the set up for a couple of days, but I LOVE IT!!!” – JT (North Bay, CA)

TI admit I was skeptical when I first saw the price of this TV for all the features it has. 60 inches, HDTV 1080P, plasma, AND 3D for under $1500? I thought for sure there was a catch or the quality of the product would be compromised. I’m very happy that I couldn’t have been more wrong. This TV is amazing, from the picture quality to the 3D effects to the number of A/V input options, this one has it all. Plus there are online deals out there where you can get two pair of 3D glasses thrown in for free! I challenge anyone to find a better deal for the money right now. The only complaint would be the built in sound of the TV but if you’re buying a 60 inch TV you should be hooking it up to a home theater system anyway. ” – BRB (USA)

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