Samsung LN46B750

The 46-inch Samsung LN46B750 comes with full 1080p resolution, Auto Motion Plus technology, 150,000:1 contrast, and one of the best HDMI interface and Ethernet connectivity. In addition, the Touch of Charcoal Grey construction of the B750 series proves to be an interesting sight, a great addition to Samsung’s sleek and top of the line HDTV series.

Samsung LN46B750

Samsung LN46B750

Key Features

Following the A750 series which Samsung introduced in 2008, the B750 series is equipped with upgraded features. These features include 1080p resolution, 240 Hz motion compensation technology and internet connectivity or Ethernet applications with an expanded digital media format support. Compared to the B650 series, the new 750 series has the more advanced 240 Hz Auto Motion Plus technology, twice its 120 Hz capability.

To display bolder and sharper pictures, the LN46B750’s radical Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology adapts to the fast advanced of frames of images, particularly in fast paced action sequences in movies, live sports and video games. No matter how fast the action is, the transition the technology enables the model to make a fluid transition from one frame to another. Its Ultra Clear Panel and impressive 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio displays blacker blacks and whiter whites. Details are also sharper as a result. Thanks to its Wide Color Enhancer 3 technology, the 750 series has acquired a great display capability to optimize color hues for more natural color rendering. Even its LCD display construction is built to show better shadow detail and more vibrant colors.

Actual user review:
“I am simply “speechless” regarding the Picture Quality with just a few adjustments out of the box!! This Samsung set is simply gorgeous with it’s glossy wet black piano like finish, not to mention how good it looks even when turned off! This set has many real world usable features in store for you, plus a ton of options for customizing the picture to suit your preferences. You can also tailor the way your set handles the AutoMotion Plus 240Hz, from ultra smooth while watching sports with 0 motion blur to a more realistic film like smoothness. This is the first LCD HDTV that I have seen to actually have whiter whites and blacker blacks, until now only plasmas were capable of dark jet blacks and whiter whites!” – D.Fitzpatrick (CA, USA)

Nowadays, a TV is not just plain TV anymore. The advent of multimedia devices made television more accommodating to a variety of external sources. For one, buying the Samsung LN46B750 will not only give you today’s modern viewing experience but also a convenient access to interesting web content and web news updates. In this age when the term Web 2.0 was occasionally thrown in casual conversations, there’s no way to better learn the concept than by studying the B750 series. With its Ethernet applications and internet and PC connectivity features, accessing your social network accounts will be a breeze. Thanks to its DLNA technology, accessing remote content with your TV has been made possible and user friendly.


There are actually multiple points which make the new Samsung LN46B750’s a resolution revolution. Having the best HDTV known to the industry, it redefines how a HD-grade 1920×1080 pixel resolution and high pixel density LCD TV should perform. In the quest to expanding your viewing horizon, the model has achieved enough of what’s demanded for displaying breathtaking and life-like images and movies. In addition to the outstanding picture quality, the same honor applies with its audio feeds. Overall, Samsung LN46B750’s is everything that a modern HDTV is supposed to be. Hence, for those who are BIG in home theater systems and video gaming, the Samsung LN46B750 proves to be a great complement to your modern lifestyle.

Average User Rating:
Actual User Reviews:
Let me say that this TV is one of the best in the market for the price point. The pros are too many to list and so far has been a great choice as far as features and performance. The B750 can match the black levels of the RP CRT and has no clouding or flashlighting that I was seeing on the A750/A850 sets, which my wife and I almost decided to get. With Amazon’s pricepoints coming very close to the discounted price of the previous generation Samsung sets it was a no brainer.” – J.Grey (CA, USA)

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I saw the LN46B650 as it stood out from the rest with clarity. So I decided to take a gamble and pre-order this one. This TV has an extra setting for the upscaling which makes it ajust to the size making it a little clearer for normal DVDs then the regular upscaling. This TV has the clearest picture I’ve seen so far for LCD. No artifacts on 240hz settings. The colors are bright and stunning. For you video game addicts – I have a PS3 and a Xbox360 hooked up to it and let me tell you the game looks crisp and has no lag whatsoever.” – D.Jim (Texas,USA)


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