Samsung LN55C650

Marketing a good 55-inch TV display can be quite a challenge for manufacturers because TVs in this size category are often expensive and some consumers may wonder if the larger display is really worth the extra cost. People may settle for a cheaper 46″ model or go for the big model if the features are good enough to support the price as well. Manufacturers are taking note of this and have been improving their TVs every year. Samsung is even getting a piece of the attention with their new Samsung C650 models. As of early June 2010, the Samsung LN55C650 is the largest of the Series 6 TVs and brings the best of what the Series 6 models have to offer.

Samsung LN55C650

Samsung LN55C650

Technical Features

The new design alone simply shows that this new series is indeed a breath of fresh air. From afar, the glossy display and sleek bezel is a real head turner, but looking at the bottom part of the bezel more closely reveals that the Samsung LN55C650 features a new spin of the Touch of Color design introduced a couple years back. In fact, the Touch of Color has a more stylish and minimalistic approach that may impress some of the people that disliked the older Touch of Color design. The bottom part of the TV where the Samsung logo is found curves elegantly downward with a hint of red and some transparency visible.

The reason behind this design isn’t just to impress people new to Samsung TVs, but also emphasizes how improved its energy consumption specifications are. The Samsung LN55C650 is more eco-friendly than ever before blowing away the minimum Energy Star 4.1 standards that many modern devices complies. Its advantages over other devices that are certified include better savings by up to 43%. This is a key feature that people hesitating to buy a large TV should consider because buying a larger TV that takes up less electricity will always result in huge savings if it is used in the long run.

The internal components of the Samsung LN55C650 have also been improved offering the full 1080p resolution and bright 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for decent deep black performance. Various technologies both old and new also contribute to the great visual and audio quality.


In addition to the good dynamic contrast ratio spec, Samsung brings some new technologies like the Super 3C Realization and HyperReal engine add to the visual experience significantly making images much more realistic than older models. It does not remove other good technologies that made previous models great like the Wide Color Enhancer Pro which contributed greatly to the visual experience by providing a full spectrum.

The experience that the LN55C650 brings is virtually a blur-free one as well since it uses the Auto Motion Plus 120 Hz Clear Motion Rate. Those that are fond of watching their favorite action packed movies and sports will see this technology as a great addition.

Actual user review:
“I test drive the movie “Wanted” in bluray the first time I turn on my new TV set. What I noticed is the picture quality and sharpness is actually comparable to my old plasma. I was so impressed that even the built speaker sound was pretty good and decent enough for TV programs. My wife comment is that she noticed strange movement on the screen that for her it felt like watching behind the scenes. The main characters appear live like watching a TV sitcom interviews. I have researched online that what she found out is the “soap opera effect” which I was able to turn off on the settings and everything were great after. I strongly recommend this LCD TV. All the features and qualities, the reasonable price including the delivery are outstanding. A true five star.” – D. Arce (CA,USA)

Extra Features

The biggest extra addition to this good-looking 1080p model is its Web connectivity features through the use of the Samsung Apps. These apps take the form of widgets allowing users to check Twitter updates, see what is happening in their Facebook network, and stream content from a variety of multimedia sites including Netflix, Pandora, and Blockbuster. Various news updates can be retrieved from many major sites as well. Internet access is obtained via wired Ethernet connection. Wireless connectivity can also be achieved if the Ethernet is plugged into a wireless router.

Samsung is very friendly on the local network too thanks to the four HDMI ports which allows interactivity with other devices using a single remote. Network connectivity is also possible thanks to the AllShare feature which can locally stream from computers, laptops, and other DLNA devices. If there no available devices for streaming, the two USB ports can be utilized if USB storage devices are available. Users can copy images, audio, and videos to any flash drive so Samsung can play back the content on the screen. This isn’t a surprising feature since other TVs feature this, but the ConnectShare Movie interface looks a lot friendlier than competing models.

Bottom Line

The Samsung LN55C650 is a good choice for a 55-inch HDTV especially if the Internet extras prove to be useful. The real value lies on its energy conservation features and good networking support overall.

Average User Rating:
Actual User Reviews:
The Samsung LN55C650′s picture looked vibrant, crystal-Clear, and visibly brighter than it’s Sony counterpart. We thought the Samsung LCD had the best picture out of all the TVs. Blu-Rays look amazing. Our television programs could be better, but I am pretty sure it is our AT&T Uverse causing it, as everybody I know with AT&T Uverse claims the HD picture is not as good as Directv. The internet TV function is fun. Amazon did a great job of shipping the TV quickly. It showed up in PERFECT condition. The box looked like it just rolled off the Samsung assembly line. No Dead pixels. Amazon saved us a pretty penny, although, the TV has already dropped in price since I bought it. :( You can’t go wrong with this TV. “ – Brian(WA,USA)

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Dollar for dollar you just can’t beat this deal for a 55″ TV. There’s a reason Samsung is top rated. They might be a little more expensive but all you have to do is a little research and a side by side comparison. The picture speaks for itself! I don’t have any ties to Samsung Company for the record. Will continue to keep tract of the competition but for now they’re on top of their game. This is the second LCD I purchased from Amazon. Works beautifully. Was also very pleased with the white glove service from Amazon delivery.” – R.J. Schlup (IN,USA)

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